Today most product organizations have UX Designers, Product Designers, or something similar as part of their cross-functional teams. Though, the smallest amount of these companies already invests in a specialization for UX content and UX writing. Here’s why you should change that thinking in 2021.

UX Design was just the beginning

Coming from a graphic design background, turning into an interface designer and then moving to design experiences and managing UX teams, I’ve witnessed the rise of UX design as a specialized discipline. The first teams I’ve worked with did not incorporate designers. They had frontend developers also filling this role.

Over the past decade or…

Nearly two and a half years ago I’ve published an article on my everlasting endeavor to harmonize agile frameworks, like Scrum, with the needs and constraints of good UX Design.

This is a 2020 update with everything I’ve learned along the way.


After spending a couple of years finding the right workflow to include UX in the Scrum process in a smart way, our current solution is a Dual Track Agile in Staggered Sprints, utilizing Design Spikes. And I’m still sure it can be improved.

What’s happened so far

Since my first article I’ve spent countless hours with product teams in a variety of…

I facilitated my first design sprint over two years ago. For me design sprints offer a great way to tackle huge problems with the right people and get actionable results within just a week.

As the sprint master it is key to prepare and plan your design sprint right. Here’s the ultimate guide to set up and run your design sprint in the best way possible!

+++++++++++++++ 2020 Update ++++++++++++++++

I’ve published a 2020 update to this article, so feel free to skip this article and read the update:


There is no doubt that Scrum is a great framework for agile software development. It gives you the right format and tools to get things done fast and learn from your mistakes as you go.

Without surprise, Scrum is also our process of choice at our office. The problem was that we never really figured out a good way to include UX in the scrum team. Until now!

History Lesson

Back in the ancient days of software development, there was no Scrum. The…

After running several Design Sprints at Studitemps.TECH in the past years on all kinds of topics we’ve changed 7 things in the way we run and organize our Sprints and it changed the methodology for the better!

With the Design Sprint Google gave us a powerful technique to have a look into the future of our products. 5 structured days and you will fast forward to have your hands on a real product with the first users to give your real feedback. It’s by far the single most powerful product/UX/development technique that I’ve encountered in my career. (Thanks, Jake Knapp!)

As a UX designers we try to solve problems in the best way for our users. When I recently enjoyed the first vacation with our newborn we encountered bad UX in the favor of business opportunities. It was clear fight User Experience vs. Sales. Here’s the story.

What made me think

Our vacation at a Center Parc in Belgium and what I found in our cottage made me think about the eternal battle between Sales and UX.

We rented a cottage with 100% self-service. This means you have a kitchen to cook your meals, if you don’t go to one of the restaurants in…

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you will most likely know that I’m a huge fan and daily user of Bohemian Codings Sketch. But I wasn’t always. And it might change soon.

Here’s the full story:

The Past

I started working with graphics at the age of 14. This is two decades ago. When I started Photoshop was available in version 5.0. It’s these two decades that I have been a Photoshop user. I know the tool, I know its weaknesses and its mighty power.

As most graphic designers who found their way into UX I’ve used Photoshop for…

Back in August 2016 I had the pleasure to welcome a brand new baby girl to our home. To make this clear from the beginning: I love this girl. She is simply awesome. But seriously, the user experience of a baby is crap!

Warning! This article may contain sarcasm, irony and clear signs of sleepless nights.

“The UX of a baby sucks!”


It all starts with the decision to get one of these cute little babies that you see in the tv spots all over the place. …

Oliver Pitsch

UX & Digital Product Designer. Director of UX & Product Marketing at Trusted Shops. Ex-CEO & Co-Founder of

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